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Bartow Tooth Extraction Serving Patients in Mulberry, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Lakeland & Nearby Cities

Sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to avoid spreading of a infection in other parts of the mouth. There are many reasons for tooth removal, but regardless of the reason to why your teeth need to be removed, the staff at Dr Billy Brown is compassionate, skilled, and an affordable option for your dental care.

The dental office of Dr Billy Brown in Bartow understands that have a tooth removed may be unsettling. That’s why, the expert staff has been voted the “Best Dentist in Polk County” by the Polk County Reader’s Choice. Our personalized focus on providing our patients care is our main priority whether you need tooth extraction, root canal, fillings, veneers or a regular dental cleaning.

tooth extractionTooth removal may not be the top of your list of favorite things, however, when it is necessary, Dr Billy Brown has the experience and staff to ensure your visit is as painless as possible. After your tooth extractions is complete, the restorative dentist will show you the options available for maintaining oral health including dentures, dental implants, tooth replacement, and more.

The top tooth removal reasons include:

  • Abscessed Tooth
  • Baby Teeth Extractions
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth injury
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

If the above apply to you schedule a consultation with the dentist office of Dr Billy Brown, we are here for your dental care, even when you require an emergency dentist. Contact us to schedule a consultation about a dental care and tooth removal in Bartow, Mulberry, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Lakeland or other surrounding areas to see why we are Polk Country’s preferred dentist.

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