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Dental Root Planing In Bartow, Mulberry, Winter Haven, Lakeland, Lake Wales & Central Florida By Dr Billy Brown

When gingivitis has developed into periodontal disease, your dentist needs to provide more intervention that simple cleaning of the teeth. Scaling teeth above the gum line prevents periodontal disease in the first place. If this is neglected too long, infection may develop in pockets along the gum line. Mild periodontal disease can often be controlled with root planing. This procedure reaches areas under the gum line where plaque and calculus have accumulated, giving rise to infection.


Root planing is deep cleaning of the teeth to remove the causes of inflammation and treat periodontal disease. The dentist cleans your teeth using a hand scaler, curette or ultrasonic device that reaches into the periodontal area. The process smoothes the cementum, or root area of the tooth so that bacteria are less likely to accumulate and cause infection. This is especially important when deep pockets have formed in the gums. These pockets provide harbor bacteria that quickly multiply and cause more serious disease.

If periodontal disease is at a mild beginning stage, root planing may be the only treatment needed. More serious cases with very deep infection may require surgical intervention. In the most severe cases, the dentist uses bone grafts to replace damaged bones in the tooth bed.An ultrasonic dental device generates sound waves that attack bacteria by breaking down cell walls and loosen both calculus and plaque. After this procedure, you can rinse away the debris. The dentist may also apply antimicrobial medication to the area to reduce infection and promote healing. In most cases, the dentist uses the ultrasonic device first and follows this with hand scaling.


Prompt, thorough treatment is needed to prevent periodontal disease from loosening teeth due to bone damage. Root planing may serve to rescue neglected teeth and restore good oral health. Contact us for more information or to schedule your appointment, we proudly serve patients from Bartow, Lakeland, Lake Wales, Mulberry, Winter Haven and other nearby central Florida communities. 

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